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Sustainability is strongly woven into the fabric of Artisans Thrive: a core value of our organization is to design fashion-forward, ethically made products. We don’t just want to source products that are fair-trade, but we want to go a step further and partner with artisans that are using recycled, re-purposed, and local materials to create their products. We are dedicated to sustainability along the entire value chain of a product and are proud to showcase how we work with our partners to make this happen. 

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Fall is finally here in Colorado with cooler temperatures and the leaves changing color. The ushering in of the new season also brings our new Fall | Winter Collection! After months and months (and months!) of work across several timezones and countries, we are excited to share with you a number of new, beautifully-crafted, homemade goods from our artisans around the world, including several new artisan partners. 

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These past few weeks we featured some of the great do-gooder companies we partner with! Hear about our new and exciting partnership with Ship Sunshine created by Anna Costello!

What inspired you to create Ship Sunshine?

When I moved to Colorado, there were many times I wanted to let friends back home know I was thinking of them but I wasn't quite sure what to send. I wanted to do something more than a card and more personal than flowers. My budget and time were limited and I just couldn't find many options. I wanted to be able to send the equivalent of a hug in a box - things that would make people smile and feel cheery. So, I built Ship Sunshine to do just that. My goal is to make it easy to brighten someone's day and celebrate the little and big things in life.

One of the reasons I wanted to start my own company was so I could insert my own values into it. Every Ship Sunshine box is hand-packed with eco-friendly materials, we donate proceeds from our boxes to a person, charity, or cause, we're collecting school supplies and toiletries for those in need, and we're totally open to more possibilities!

Why do you partner with Artisans Thrive?

I am truly inspired by Artisan Thrive's mission. I love that their approach is to help women entrepreneurs around the world hone in on their skills and expand their reach. Their model and training program is so well thought through and impactful to women artisans. 


Know someone that could use a smile? A brighter day is a click away! Visit www.shipsunshine.com and use promo code ARTISANSTHRIVE15 for 15% off any order!

A bit about you and how you started Pure Lee Photography

I've been a wedding and lifestyle photographer for the past 4 years. Photography has been a passion and a hobby my whole life, I never meant to make it a career but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Pure Lee Photography shooting our Spring/Summer 2018 photo-shoot!

RA bit about your mission and why it's important

After seeing the realities of sex trafficking in my own city of Denver Colorado and across the world in the Himalayas, it has stirred me into action. Sex Trafficking is our century's greatest injustice bringing in $150 billion a year worldwide. The wedding industry worldwide makes $300 billion a year. As a wedding photographer I want to use my skills and profession to make a difference for women trapped in this industry. I give back 10% from each of my wedding packages to a non-profit in Nepal that works with sex trafficking survivors.

Learning about the issue of sex trafficking opened my eyes to the harsh reality of human trafficking all around the world. Human trafficking takes it's form often in poorly run factories that manufacture clothing with hazardous unnatural materials, assembled and made by men and women who are working hours unfit for health and survival. After learning about this I pledged to be more conscious about the companies I support and to make sure that companies I photograph for or shop from are paying their workers fairly, creating good and healthy work environments and helping them to succeed in all areas of life. Artisans Thrive is exactly that! A company that supports their artisans and treats them as if they were family. 

Roseline Choker Necklace/ Wrap Bracelet photographed by Pure Lee Photography!

Mention this blog post and receive 20% off a shoot with Pure Lee Photography! Good until November 1, 2018.

This month, we're featuring some of the great do-gooder companies we partner with! Hear about our partnership with Amy K. Wright Photography!

A little bit about Amy K. Wright and her Photography

Amy K. Wright is a photographer, and the creator of "Tell it Well" Photo Greeting Cards. With over 14 years of photography experience, she specializes in photography for your life and business, with an emphasis on individual & family portraits, events, and product photography.

Amy K. Wright photographing our Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Tell it Well

In 2016, she launched "Tell it Well" greeting cards with the mission of helping other female entrepreneurs around the world through small business micro-loans. 10% of sales goes to provide small business loans to women in poverty in the US and around the world. In addition, each card is printed on sustainably sourced & recycled paper and features Amy's original photography.

Amy believes that "We All Have a Story to Tell." She says, "Stories are the heartbeat of our lives. Stories inspire us, create connection and build the framework for our lives. From our family portraits to our special occasions, we all want beautiful images that capture the moments of our lives and tell our story well."  "Tell it Well."

Aisha Cuff Bracelet Photographed by Amy K. Wright!

Why do you partner with Artisans Thrive?

I love partnering with Artisan Thrive to photograph their fair trade, ethical fashion, and supporting their mission to create new opportunities for women, and their families, in developing countries. Working with other like-minded businesses is the heartbeat of my business and I love helping Artisan Thrive tell their story.

Amy K. Wright resides in Denver, CO and she loves travel, yoga, and red wine.

Mention #ArtisanThrive and receive 10% off any photo session from Aug 1st-Aug 31st.

This month, we're featuring some of the great do-gooder companies we partner with! Hear about our partnership with Briya Bags through our interview with Founder Brooke Breazeale below! 

Briya Bags' Nomad Tote supports girls education in Pakistan.

Tell us a bit about you and how you got started with Briya Bags:

I wanted to find a way to support organizations providing life-changing opportunities for women and children to thrive, both economically and scholastically.

What is Briya Bags mission and how is it sustainable? 

Our mission is to support organizations that empower children and women to be healthy, self-sufficient, concerned citizens who inspire change and make a difference for themselves and those around them – one bag, one student, and one woman at a time.

Why do you partner with Artisans Thrive? 

I have been working with you all for years, becoming increasingly more involved because of its holistic, sustainable approach. I’m also consistently inspired by the creativity, dedication and passion our team and partner organizations demonstrates on a daily basis.

As a volunteer and member of our team, Brooke is always getting involved in Artisans Thrive initiatives, and serving as a model when we need her!

What are some of your new products? 

We've got several new products including the Wanderlust Kiran Bag (pictured below) and the On the go ‘She goes’ wallet.

One of Briya Bags' new products, the Wanderlust.

This month, we're featuring some of the great do-gooder companies we partner with! First up, Elizabeth Boulos from Beautycounter!

Check out out interview with her below!


Elizabeth with her AT Maria Clutch, made in Guatemala with Friendship Bridge!

A bit about Beautycounter and how Elizabeth got involved: 

Working abroad in personal care, I learned just how unregulated (and unsafe) products are in the U.S., and I have been a woman on a mission to change this ever since. I have a passion for health, educating others, empowering women, and making a difference, so when I heard about Beautycounter, my interest was immediately peaked.  I was already making my own cleaning products in order to use safer ingredients and be more sustainable, as well as researching the safety of the industry.  From here, it was a natural transition to a brand that stood for everything I cared about. 

What's BC's mission and sustainability: 

Beautycounter is a disruptive personal care products company that bans 1,500+ ingredients from their product line and screens every batch for safety.  Beautycounter focuses on education and advocacy work in addition to creating high-performance products. Beautycounter is a certified B Corporation; B Corporations use the power of business to solve environmental and social problems. A few factors contributing to our B Corps status include transparency and sourcing of ingredients, safer products for human & environmental health, recyclability of packaging, concentration of products, and advocacy - just this year alone Beautycounter consultants held over 100 meetings with members of congress urging them to pass more health protective laws.  Additionally, Beautycounter was instrumental in passing a bill that would ban the use of chemical sunscreens in Hawaii, as they are harming coral reefs, and they've been an advocate for a bill in California that would require all salon products to have ingredients listed (something currently not required).

Beautycounter is on a mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  Our goal is that one day we won't have to worry about the safety of the products we put on our skin every day and that's why we continuously fight for more health protective laws.  It's been over 80 years since the US passed a major law regulating personal care and it's time for change.   Beautycounter offers personal care products for the whole family: bath and body care, cosmetics, skincare, sun care, as well as a baby & kids line. 

Why they partner with AT: 
AT has such a strong mission - something I can relate to.  Their B Corps status, values and dedication to empowering women are all part of what make WPM/AT a natural partner for me and Beautycounter.  The team is top-notch: they are talented, determined, hardworking and active members of the community.  It's truly a pleasure when I have the opportunity to partner with WPM - I look forward to our next joint event!
The Maria Clutch is perfect for carrying all Beautycounter essentials.
Just to sweeten the deal: 
Interested in Beautycouunter? You can get a FREE Charcoal Cleansing Bar ($25 value) with $100+ product order (bar will be sent separately). Just use link: 
And, you can save 15% off any AT order with code ELIZABETH  (all caps) at checkout! (valid until end of August!) Shop now.

It’s officially Summer! A time of gathering, adventures, and fun in the sun! Kandace, our Creative Director, shares some of her Summer time essentials that she just can't live without!

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One of the primary goals of Artisans Thrive is to empower women by providing skills training and economic opportunities. Our approach includes helping artisans produce ethically-made accessories that align with current trends and appeal to individuals interested in fashion-forward products that empower women and their communities. Read More
Behind this release are incredible artisans scattered around the globe. As a way to celebrate the hardworking, dedicated women behind the brand, we want to share a bit of us with you. Read More
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