Part 3 of our meet the weavers series! Kaushila is 20. When she suddenly lost her husband at 19, she was desperate to find work to support herself and joined the Weaving for Empowerment training program. Learn more about her story on the blog. Read More
Part 2 of our meet the weavers series! She's 22 and lost her father and brothers in the 2015 earthquake. Her mother was also seriously injured. She needed to support her mother and her daughter but without an opportunity to go to school and get an education, she was finding it hard to find a job. She then joined the Weaving for Empowerment program. Hear more of her story on the blog. Read More
Artisans Thrive is excited to announce its partnership with Weaving for Empowerment, a initiative of The Small World in Nepal! This week we'll be featuring stories of some of the weavers and how your support makes a difference! Today's story comes from Mira. She is 32 and has 2 daughters. After not hearing from her husband is who is abroad, she joined WfE's training program and is now able to pay for schooling for her children. Read More
Artisans Thrive has teamed up with Women In Leadership (WIL), Uganda to design and bring new products to market. In this blog, hear from WIL Founder Cianne Jones on what it means to be a running both a social enterprise and a good business and the value of the our partnership. Read More
Artisans Thrive is excited to announce its new partnership with F.R.E.E. Zambia which works to empower women in Zambia through their jewelry project! Hear from the Founder Dawn Close on what this exciting partnership means! Read More

Our training program invests in mothers, who are the bedrock of their community. Learn more about the mamas in our program in Guatemala, and join us this Mother's Day as we celebrate all our amazing partners and artisans who selflessly provide the strength to help their families thrive!

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Thanks to our amazing Indiegogo donors, we launched our Artisans Thrive Training Program in Guatemala in March! So far your support has allowed us to purchase 4 new sewing machines and hire a local sewing instructor who has been teaching our group of 10 women basic sewing skills.  Read More
You may have noticed our slight name change! Over the past year, we've evolved with our partners' needs and now offer a variety of training and services to female artisans worldwide! Our mission remains the same: to help artisans thrive, and now our name more accurately reflects our mission! Read More
Our favorite durable yoga bag from Nepal is back in stock. Specially made for you by Artisans Thrive + Weaving for Life, a group of female artisans, in Nepal. We've got two great new colors! Grab 'em fast before they're gone!  Read More
We welcome our newest partner TigerBow that works in Bangladesh with local fabrics to make one-of-a kind items. Together, we created a specialty bowtie, available in blue or red, just for you! In the blog, hear from one of their artisans.

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