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Honoring that Special Guy and Supporting Artisans in the DRC

Guest blogger and Founder of Totonga Bomoi Katie Hile shares how together we're supporting families in the DRC.

An estimated five million Congolese have lost their lives due to extreme poverty and conflict since independence in 1960. Today, families continue to struggle because of the country’s economic instability, an outdated education system, and an acute lack of government support and integrity.

By building relationships that strengthen communities we offer hope to families across the Congo. 

At Totonga Bomoi, we serve families and communities by creating sustainable cooperatives that connect Congolese artisans and global consumers through the design and fabrication of high-quality, handcrafted products.

Since we created our first women’s cooperative in the Ituri district of Congo in 2014, local men there have asked that we partner with them, too.

Did you know that children born into fatherless homes in the U.S. have a higher risk of drug abuse, suicide, and crime? While data is unavailable for Congo, these realities transcend national boundaries. We intend to guarantee that fatherhood in Congo is valued, and that their strong work ethic benefits both the family and community.

Will you join us as we build our presence in fairly-traded products for men?

Our model is simple. We invest in local communities by creating artisan cooperatives for men and women; we do this to serve and strengthen the family.

We work with our artisans on product design and development; we provide business trainings and shared workspace; and then we connect our cooperatives and their handmade products to global consumers.

We’d be honored to have you join us as we empower Congolese communities so that they, too, can become a force of positive economic and social change.

In honor of Totonga Bomoi, we're featuring the Mobali tie, made by and supporting artisans in the DRC.  Learn more here or below! 

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