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Updates and Impact From India

As a newcomer to WPMarket, I have seen all the work that gets put in to make it successful. When asked to write a blogpost, my hope was to share with others the impact of all the hard work that all of our partners have put in to help alleviate poverty around the world and to show how your purchase makes a difference.


Kristin Braddock, of Sewing New Futures, shares the impact WPMarket’s reinvestment has made on poverty alleviation in India:

"Sewing New Futures (SNF) currently trains and employs 20 women. 'Employed' meaning the women are receiving a small, monthly stipend and get paid a fair wage per item they sew. This allows them enough financial freedom to choose to deter prostitution, invest the money in their families and themselves.

The picture (right) featured is of one of the mom's in the center, at Sewing New Futures, Piya. She is incredibly important to the organization, one of our fastest learners, incredibly hard working, and a leader to the other girls. I envision her managing training classes or when we expand and open new centres her running the centre. Just an incredible woman.  

Piya got married when she was 14, she is 23 now. She has an 8 year old son that comes to our center for our education programs while she works. She first came to our center so she could provide a better future for her son. She is very bold and has stood up to community pressure (prostitution), which resulted in a separation from her husband and is currently living with her mother. Her goal is to learn how to make and sew clothes. She loves any chance to learn new designs and is working hard to provide for her son.

The money that is given from WPMarket's reinvestment goes back into materials so that the training we are providing women like Piya can be of more value and we can continue to offer them new products to learn how to create. We want to create SNF into a sustainable, profitable business for them and also keep the work interesting and fun for them!"


Kiran Social Enterprise's Founder Jane Wilson commented on Kiran's recent growth:

"We've taken on three new women for training in the past week. They have already made great progress in learning the techniques, and have fit in well with the current women. The office and workshop have shifted to a new place on the edge of the slum community the women are from...Thanks so much for your partnership with us - it's certainly part of the support that has made taking these next steps possible."

The stories above are a testimony to how much the reinvestment makes a difference to the women living in India. We are excited to grow as an organization and to partner with more nonprofits to help alleviate poverty in India and around the world. 



Lauren is WPMarket's rockstar intern. 

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