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The Blooms Before the Rain

As my husband and I finish into our fourth month in country, we all look towards the end of the long period of the dry season. October marks the hottest and driest month in Zimbabwe, soils and people alike are eager for the refreshment of the rains and the nourishment that they will provide as we move into November. It is now, amidst the heat and the longing for replenishment, that the Jacaranda trees display their glory. These brilliant trees offer a bright purple bloom that comes during the depths of the dry season. The trees line the streets of Bulawayo and sprinkle their petals onto the streets, creating a vast carpet of a gorgeous hue. It’s as if they are offering a bit of condolence for the weather that creates such difficulties on the lives of the farmers in this community and a ray of hope for the rains to come.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, if men and women were given the same access to resources, global hunger could be reduced by as many as 100 million people globally. This means that if women are able to access things like capital and training we have an incredible opportunity to make a huge impact on the world. This is exactly what is offered by the amazing organizations that we partner with! Through the works of organizations like Musana, Edge of Seven, Namlo International and all of our amazing partners- women are gaining skills in craftsmanship and business management that will empower them for years to come.

Just as the Jacaranda, we hope that WPMarket can be a small beacon of hope to the communities that we work with. We strive to offer the women that sell their beautiful crafts here at WPMarket an opportunity to expand the reach of their work and an increase in the incomes that they are receiving. Globally, craft production is an opportunity for women to engage in work that they are proud of, that they manage themselves, and that has the potential for them to share just a little piece of their story with the world. Perhaps our partnership can be reminiscent of the purple petals that are scattered throughout my Zimbabwean town and foreshadow the hope of the rains to come.

As always, we invite you to be a part of the journey. Shop our store, or volunteer to support WPMarket.

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