New partner Musana trains women in Uganda

We are thrilled to announce our newest partner Musana Community Development Organization (Musana). Musana works in Iganda, Uganda in the Eastern part of the country. We first came across Musana in our own backyard of Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 2008 when three American college students (attending The University of Colorado) and two Ugandan college students joined together to provide adequate care, housing, education, and safety to 80 Ugandan children. Six years later, it is an organization committed to equipping Ugandans to be change agents in their own communities and with a continued focus on widows and children, the vast majority of whom are destitute, with little means of support for their dignity, livelihood, or education.

Musana offers its clients a variety of programs, but our favorite (admittedly, biased) is its Women’s Projects. The Women’s Projects currently work in four different villages to teach the women in these villages an employable skill, such as jewelry making, tailoring, or knitting. The women are then paid for the work they complete. These funds help them provide basic necessities for themselves and their families including shelter, food, clothing, and education. Women in its Bwongo village project are also eligible to participate in a microfinance project which includes business training to successfully start and run their own local businesses. Examples of these include brick making, shopkeeping, and milk delivery.

As with all of our partners, Musana is just another great example of an organization working to help women help themselves. Like us at WPMarket, they know that when given the opportunity, these women take off full-steam ahead to create more productive and dignified lives for themselves and their families. Also like us, Musana goes beyond fair and ethical trade: it not only pays each woman a fair wage for her work, thereby increasing her take-home income, but it also equips her with valuable income-generating skills and business training. Additionally, the women are able to work in a healthy environment, interacting and supporting one another.  This holistic approach gets at the complex causes of poverty. 

We’re excited to have them join us, offering unique and vibrantly-colored products. Shop knowing these goods not only provide valuable income but also fund life-changing programming for women. 

With gratitude, 


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