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Welcome to our new partner Haiti's Jewels!

We've gotten several new partners in the past few months, and with our new website roll-out, we can't wait to showcase them all and the incredible work that they're doing!

First up is Haiti's Jewels. Sophie Wiseman-Floyd founded Haiti’s Jewels as a 16-year-old in 2010. She moved to Haiti full-time in 2011 and began training Haitian women to make her designs for the US consumer market. It now employs Haitian artisans (the majority women) who are, for the most part, young struggling parents in need of a stable, hearty income. 

Haiti's Jewels offer free training and materials to all of its artisans. It also offers them interest-free loans to help start their own businesses, buy land, and pay for unexpected emergencies.  

We've partnered with Haiti's Jewels because 1) they're having a meaningful impact in women's lives and 2) their products are beautiful and well made! We're in love with the Elina necklace and Michel-Ange necklace

Check 'em out!  https://www.wpmarket.org/collections/haitis-jewels

Even better, for every $10 you spend on Haiti's Jewel's products, $7 is reinvested to support their programming for artisans' skills training and access to finance in Haiti.  

With the support of Haiti's Jewels and the income earned, their artisans have all invested in land, built homes for their families, paid for their children to attend the best local schools, have money saved for medical and family emergencies, and keep their cabinets stocked with nourishing food for their children, who will one day be running the country. 

Welcome to our family Haiti's Jewels! 


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