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#makingmemories in Guatemala


Andra here. I have been volunteering with the Women’s Partnership Market for the past few years so I thought it was about time that I introduced myself and shared with you my new ADVENTURE!

First, some fun facts:

  • I have a 3-legged famous dog named Bentley (Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet on Animal Planet)
  • I am an identical twin.
  • My favorite place I have visited (so far) is Ireland.
  • I am slightly addicted to gold, stripes and succulents!

My current fav WPMarket product is the Michel-Ange necklace from Haiti’s Jewels. This necklace is the perfect length and the colors seem to go with anything. It’s a great necklace to dress up a basic tee!

I met Rachel (WPMarket Co-founder) randomly a few years ago during a time that I was desperately searching for an opportunity to get involved with an organization that empowers women and young girls. After hearing Rachel share the WPMarket story I knew that I wanted to be a part of it! I started volunteering at markets, learning about our partners and the products and sharing the story with those around me. I even got my husband Garrett to help me at a market or two (sadly he chose to help the weekend we had torrential downpours during the market #makingmemories).

Speaking of #makingmemories… husband and I are moving to Guatemala in just a few days! Both of our hearts have been drawn to living and working internationally (his a lot longer than mine….like since he was in junior high). We leave in a few days and will spend the first few weeks in Spanish school (hence my greeting) and will then travel to the rural clinic where we will be living and working for the next year. Garrett (the hubs) will be overseeing the lab of the clinic and I will have the opportunity to do some assessment of the community needs with hopes of working on a few projects with the women in the community. On my free time, I plan to explore some of the amazing artisan programs in Guatemala. The textiles. The colors. The weaving. I can’t wait!

Who knows, I may even find a group of women WPMarket can partner with!

I am so excited that I can still be involved with WPMarket while in Guatemala. Thanks technology! I hope to share some stories from the field with ya’ll! Until then….Hasta luego!

My hubby and I in Haiti in March 2015. During this trip I found out about Haiti’s Jewels which is now one of our partners!

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