Meet Marina: Learn how your investment will empower her and other artisans!

Our Associate Director Andra sat down with Marina in her Guatemalan home. She has been a leader in the creation of an artisan cooperative in her community.

Marina has lived in this rural Guatemalan community all of her life, and is now raising 3 young girls with her husband. She dropped out of school after 6th grade after her father refused to support her dream of becoming a nurse. At the age of 20, she started her own business selling perfumes. Although she has operated a business for 14 years, she struggles when it comes to the ability to provide high-demand product in her store. She expressed the lack of technical training programs and jobs for women.

Through our shared initiative, Marina wants to learn how to sew so that she can make blouses and skirts to sell, products that are not readily available in her community, along with skills and strategies to improve her business. She truly believes this new cooperative can give opportunity, resources, and hope to her community. 

Through the WPMarket program, Marina and other women in her community will develop their cooperative, learn how to sew, create a high-demand, fashion-forward product, and learn other entrepreneurial and life skills. 

This season, invest in Marina and the future of her 3 daughters. Check out our campaign here or below. 

Just $50 provides her curriculum supplies. $100 provides her a sewing machine and materials. $300 provides full-support for Marina! For each gift level you'll also receive some great goodies, like this deal of the week:

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