Meet the Weavers: Part 2-Bina

Artisans Thrive is excited to announce its partnership with Weaving For Empowerment, a initiative of The Small World in Nepal! This week we'll be featuring stories of some of the weavers and how your support makes a difference! Come back each day for a new story! Also, the shawls the women weave have been made into bags with our Bina Tote! You can see it here!

Meet Bina

I am 22 years old. My father and 2 brothers died two years ago due to earthquake. My mother is not very strong now because she was buried under the rubble of our house for hours. She can barely move. I also have a baby girl 5 months old. I must support my mother and also earn for my daughters future but it is not easy to find a job without any skill and education. I never got an opportunity to go to school because my parents could not afford to send me to school. Even without education I have a dream to be an independent woman. I want to earn money and help my mother. I have learned little weaving few years back in my village with our aunts and when I met with Sonam didi (sister) from The Small World she welcomed me to join Weaving For Empowerment, I got more training and a job to weave. I am very happy that I can earn now. I love weaving, so I start my work as early as I can everyday and I stay at loom till late so I can make as many shawls as I can. I am proud of myself for being able to produce beautiful shawls and would like to thank you for buying them.

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