Meet the Weavers: Part 3-Kaushila

Artisans Thrive is excited to announce its partnership with Weaving For Empowerment, a initiative of The Small World in Nepal! This week we'll be featuring stories of some of the weavers and how your support makes a difference! Come back each day for a new story! 
Also, the shawls the women weave have been made into bags with our Bina Tote! You can see it here!

Meet Kaushila

I am 20 years old. I went to school until 5th grade in my village but then I stop because there was no 6th grade and above in my village. I have to travel 4 hours to get to another village where higher education is possible. After 5th grade I helped my parents at home and farm. I was arranged to marry at age 16. After 3 years of our marriage my husband died because he was sick for several days, my in-laws thought they should see shamanism but no doctors. I requested to take him to hospital but no one listen. Being widow at 19 years I didn’t know what to do. In village no one would talk to me properly or invite to any functions. I was strictly told to wear only white color clothes. That incident changed my life, I love colors but I was unable to touch any. My life changed into sad, lonely and plain pain. One night I decided to run away from my home and I came to Salleri (city). I was looking for some work so that I can live. I start working in a teahouse my job was to clean tables and wash dishes, the owner after listening to my story introduced me with The Small World and they provided me training to weave. Soon I learned to weave beautiful and colorful shawls, they paid me for my work. Now I am very happy here because I have friends to talk to me and a job that pays me well. Thank you very much for appreciating my work.

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