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Our new collection: A labor of love

Each collection created by Artisans Thrive is a labor of love.

It begins with a vision, crafted by our team, our artisans, our customers, and our volunteers, including our Design Committee. It then becomes an iterative process of working with our partners over a series of months to make just the right product and at the same time, ensure that our collection is cohesive.

We are proud to launch our new Spring | Summer Collection, which we think is our best yet. You’ll find lots of new goodies, including many custom items you won’t find elsewhere.

Items like our Irene Tassel Earrings and Necklace with Women In Leadership in Uganda. 

Working with the women, we came up with a vision for the design. The women then created a prototype. Using locally-sourced thread and smooth wood, the thread was rolled along the wood several times, applying glue on one side. Afterward, the rolled thread piece was secured into a metal cup and wire to create the final tassel. After carefully measuring the chain, the tassel was attached just so, making sure it balanced on both sides. Any excess threads were trimmed.


Along the way, we went through a number of versions for review and edits.

Oh, and for those final colors? We polled you and finalized those summery hues that showcase local materials from the market in Uganda!

Each of our items has a similar story: created and handcrafted by female artisans around the world with you in mind.

Best of all, when you purchase from Artisans Thrive, you not only receive unique gifts, but you’re supporting women with skills training and income that change their and their families lives.

We hope you enjoy our new collection, and thank you for joining us on this journey!


The Artisans Thrive Team

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