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Behind this release are incredible artisans scattered around the globe. As a way to celebrate the hardworking, dedicated women behind the brand, we want to share a bit of us with you. Read More

Six months since the graduation of the Mujeres con Vision, we have continued to work closely with the group and monitor their progress!

After the graduation, the women found themselves putting their skills to work quickly as they had a few orders lined up for World Orphans, our partner in the development of this cooperative and who continue to play a vital role in assisting with the functioning of the cooperative.

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In an effort to celebrate all the mamas of the world and highlight one of our artisans, we met with Victorine, one of the women in our newly-formed cooperative, to hear a little bit more about her experience as an artisan, seamstress, mother, caregiver, sole provider for her daughter. Read More
Briya was born after I returned from a 6 month stay in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The region I was living in is considered one of the poorest in the world and day to day life for the children I came to know was truly heartbreaking, especially for the girls. They had absolutely no resources, no paper, no books, nothing to draw a picture or practice penmanship with - nothing. Read More
Meet Yolanda. Yolanda came to Friendship Bridge after making products for another non-profit. She was paid for her labor, not for the products she made. Although Yolanda is a talented artisan with many years of experience, during her first group training with Friendship Bridge she was surprised to learn there were many important aspects of product development that she was unaware of that could help with the development of her business. Read More
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue. Like many, I learned about colors early in life from books, crayons and toys. Guatemala is a country with a centuries-old culture of weaving and here many young girls learn colors from their mothers and grandmothers while learning the traditional art of weaving.  Read More
Guest blogger and Executive Director of the Women's Global Empowerment Fund Karen Sugar shares about what we're celebrating and supporting mothers in Uganda.

This Mother’s Day remember moms around the globe who are working hard everyday to feed, educate and care for their children. WGEF provides women the tools and opportunities they need to create a brighter future for themselves and their families. 

Our program goal is poverty reduction, human security enhancement and women’s empowerment. We offer microcredit loans and social capital building programs to women in post conflict northern Uganda. 

Along with the small entrepreneurial loan, we focus on three areas: literacy, leadership development, health initiatives. Our clients are experiencing economic and social empowerment; women are learning to read, starting businesses, sending their children to school, eating more frequently, and advocating and participating in their communities, challenging entrenched patriarchy and inequality.

Our motivation is the possibility that very poor women can rise above poverty with dignity. We are working to transform the landscape, creating systemic change which will allow civil society to develop moving the entire community forward, enabling women to take care of themselves and their children, rebuild and recover their lives and communities. 

In honor of WGEF, we're featuring the Precious Bracelet which features inscriptions from WGEF mothers in Uganda and supports their work. Learn more here or below!