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Each collection created by Artisans Thrive is a labor of love. It begins with a vision, crafted by our team, our artisans, our customers, and our volunteers, including our Design Committee. It then becomes an iterative process of working with our partners over a series of months to make just the right product and at the same time, ensure that our collection is cohesive. We are proud to launch our new Spring | Summer Collection, which we think is our best yet. You’ll find lots of new goodies, including many custom items you won’t find elsewhere.

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Six months since the graduation of the Mujeres con Vision, we have continued to work closely with the group and monitor their progress!

After the graduation, the women found themselves putting their skills to work quickly as they had a few orders lined up for World Orphans, our partner in the development of this cooperative and who continue to play a vital role in assisting with the functioning of the cooperative.

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If you spend an afternoon walking through the quaint, dirt roads scattered around Buea, Cameroon, you may hear the hum, hustle, and bustle of many pedal machines fast at work. The textile and designing business is thriving throughout the city; everywhere you go, you can spot women in the streets wearing original designs, boasting the bold, colorful, unique patterns found only in Africa. If you look closely, many of the women work alone, or with a partner, or even one or two apprentices in their shop. There hasn’t been anything to unite these designers and seamstresses. We began discussing options for this project back in July 2017. Read More
Artisans Thrive is excited to announce its partnership with Weaving for Empowerment, a initiative of The Small World in Nepal! This week we'll be featuring stories of some of the weavers and how your support makes a difference! Today's story comes from Mira. She is 32 and has 2 daughters. After not hearing from her husband is who is abroad, she joined WfE's training program and is now able to pay for schooling for her children. Read More
Artisans Thrive has teamed up with Women In Leadership (WIL), Uganda to design and bring new products to market. In this blog, hear from WIL Founder Cianne Jones on what it means to be a running both a social enterprise and a good business and the value of the our partnership. Read More
Artisans Thrive is excited to announce its new partnership with F.R.E.E. Zambia which works to empower women in Zambia through their jewelry project! Hear from the Founder Dawn Close on what this exciting partnership means! Read More

Our training program invests in mothers, who are the bedrock of their community. Learn more about the mamas in our program in Guatemala, and join us this Mother's Day as we celebrate all our amazing partners and artisans who selflessly provide the strength to help their families thrive!

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Thanks to our amazing Indiegogo donors, we launched our Artisans Thrive Training Program in Guatemala in March! So far your support has allowed us to purchase 4 new sewing machines and hire a local sewing instructor who has been teaching our group of 10 women basic sewing skills.  Read More
We welcome our newest partner TigerBow that works in Bangladesh with local fabrics to make one-of-a kind items. Together, we created a specialty bowtie, available in blue or red, just for you! In the blog, hear from one of their artisans.

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In the summer of 2016, Brooke traveled to Ekumfi-Akra, a rural coastal village located about three hours from the capital of Ghana. She met with the local community leaders and over 30 women artisans who shared their stories and excitement to learn new skills and generate income for their families. We're now working with the women to setup an artisan program. See her video and learn more!  Read More