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Six months since the graduation of the Mujeres con Vision, we have continued to work closely with the group and monitor their progress!

After the graduation, the women found themselves putting their skills to work quickly as they had a few orders lined up for World Orphans, our partner in the development of this cooperative and who continue to play a vital role in assisting with the functioning of the cooperative.

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This month marks the launch of our next training program, and we are  excited to share our plans with you! After our successful launch of two Artisans Thrive training programs in Guatemala, we are excited to be branching out to a new continent and work with another new organization. This February, we will be working in Western Africa in the country of Cameroon to  launch our third training program. Read More
After nearly four months of our training program, the highly anticipated day had arrived. The excitement and thrill could be felt in the room. The morning was a mix of preparations and eagerness for the evening’s events. Bustling around the workshop, putting final touches on their products to be displayed and sold that evening, the women went, one by one, to be pampered - by getting their hair done, nails painted and makeup done by the thoughtful World Orphans staff of psychologists. The day had finally arrived: it was the day the women would graduate from the Artisans Thrive Training Program.   Read More

In this post, we highlight Odra, one of the women participating in our training program in Guatemala City. "Odra joining this cooperative is the first time she will have access to stable work and stable income in her life. At our training program graduation, Odra said that she never thought that sewing would be something that she could do. And, as she struggled each day to learn and improve, she kept thinking that we were going to give up on her. She kept thinking that she couldn’t do it. But with the encouragement of the other women, the sewing instructor and our teachers, she gradually improved."

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The women in the La Verbena community, who have been working together for just under three months, were faced with several questions as they determined their next steps of solidifying their group: What words do they want to represent them as a group? What is the story they want to tell? How do they want to be represented to others? How do they want to be remembered? Read more about how the women of our artisan training program in Guatemala City create their name, vision, and mission statement.

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