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TigerBow joins Artisans Thrive: hear from one of the artisans!

We welcome our newest partner TigerBow that works in Bangladesh with local fabrics to make one-of-a kind items. Together, we created a specialty bowtie, available in blue or red, just for you! You can check it out here!

Hear from one of their artisans:

Salma Akter, is a Bangladeshi artisan, professionally she is started her journey of craftsmanship from 1998. Although she has depth knowledge on making clothes for all categories (man, woman and children), her core concentration narrowed down to the ladies fashion ware. Apart from the role of an artisan, she is working as a trainer to mastering her skills and spread it to potential talents. She trained the young girls and women about tailoring so that they can get self-employed and self-reliant to make their own destiny.

In her journey as a trainer, she trained 40+ young ladies and women in last 18 years. Her expertise in this field makes her a place in the society and inspires others to take the leap of faith to become an artisan. She is a housewife and managing her family with two young sons after the departure of her husband a year ago. She is beholding her family with her routine activities and daily responsibilities alike the traditional housewives of Bangladesh.

All of her efforts to get trained develop herself and implementation the learning into her work was the result of her desire to be someone and follow her passion. From her young age in her village she used to stitches traditional clothes that represent Bangladeshi art and culture. Later, her passion and circumstances let her think broader and start artisanship as a profession. Her passion took her in today`s place and present her as a worthy person in front of the society. She always believes that the sun of success shines only when you leave the habit of procrastination.

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