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Welcoming Fall and Our New Collection

Fall is finally here in Colorado with cooler temperatures and the leaves changing color. The ushering in of the new season also brings our new Fall | Winter Collection

After months and months (and months!) of work across several timezones and countries, we are excited to share with you a number of new, beautifully-crafted, homemade goods from our artisans around the world, including several new artisan partners. 

As always, you'll find here several custom items you won’t find anywhere else. 

Items like our Ingrid Poncho from Guatemala City made in collaboration with Mujeres Con Vision, graduates of our Artisans Thrive Training Program. 

Last year, together with MCV, we co-designed a poncho that everyone loved! This year, we built upon the original with a new wool color and fringe, using traditional Mayan weaving techniques. Finding locally-sourced materials, enough material of one color, and then pairing it with just the right fringe proved to be challenging (pictured, deciding what can pair well together)! 

Along the way, we went through various iterations for review, working across countries and time zones (pictured, MCV artisan Aura models the prototype along the way). 


In the end, we decided upon two fringe options to create our Ingrid Poncho, bringing you the perfect fair-trade accessory this season!

All our items have a similar story: created and handcrafted by female artisans around the world with you in mind.

Best of all, when you purchase from Artisans Thrive, you’re supporting women with skills training and income that change their and their families' lives.

We hope you enjoy this new collection, Let us know your thoughts--write to us or share a comment on social media (find us @artisansthrive or the links below in our footer!), and thank you for joining us on this journey!

With gratitude,

The Artisans Thrive Team

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