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Kashvi Wrap

Sewing New Futures

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Why you'll love it: This blue wrap is accented with maroon and golds and finished with maroon tassels. Wear it as a statement piece with a dress or as an accent to a simple blouse! Best of all, it has a unique symbol of a woman on its corner, reminding you of the difference you'll be making in women's lives.

How it's made: Handsewn out of cotton. Measures 72” W x 21” H, making it perfect to wrap several times.

Made for you by: Girls/women (ages 17-21) from the Indian Perna Community in Dharampura who are at high risk for prostitution. An alternate livelihood, the women receive paid vocational training at fair wages. The more items sold, the more items they can produce which spurs a greater impact not only on their lives but also on their families.

Your purchase supports: Skills training for women in India.

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