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Jalo Brass Earrings

Haiti's Jewels

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Why you'll love it: These bar earrings are minimal and easy to pair with other jewelry. They’ll quickly become part of your routine collection.  

How it's made: Handmade by hammering brass into bars and gold-plated. Earrings are roughly 2.5" in length.

Made for you by: Haitian artisans part of Haiti's Jewels. Artisans like Michel-Ange Fleurant, a young mother of two children, who has received training and a microfinance loan from Haiti's Jewels. Michel-Ange is very responsible with her money and as a result, saves hundreds of dollars every month to re-invest in her family and quality of life. She recently purchased a $1,500 plot of land and only had to borrow $400 from Haiti’s Jewels, which she’s already paid off. On this land, she is building a home for her family and has started a small food/drink business that two of her unemployed cousins have been able to earn a stable income from.

Your purchase supports: Skills training and microloans for women in Haiti.


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