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Rasa Essential Oils


Why you'll love it: Add these fair trade essential oils to your favorite diffuser at home or add a drop to one of our essential oil bracelets for instant relaxation!

How it's made: These fair trade oils are made by underprivileged women in India using pure, sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Never tested on animals, they contain no chemical additives or preservatives. 0.33 oz

Meditation Blend: Meditation blend promotes calming and soothing effect and contains cedar wood, neroli, and frankincense.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass oil is clarifying and helps promote relaxation and a sense of well being.

Made for you by: Artisans in India part of fair trade brand Serrv. 

Your purchase supports: Much-needed employment, a fair wage, freedom from exploitation, access to healthcare, and education for their children for artisans in Uganda. 

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