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Accelerating skills, income, and dignity for female artisans worldwide to thrive

> We are social enterprise, registered as a Public Benefit Corporation, or B-Corp focused on a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. 

> Our model is simple but effective: 



> #accelerateartisans: We believe in the power of the artisan economy. 

> #beyondfairtrade: Fair wages aren't enough for us. To address root causes of poverty, women need access to life and business skills along with access to capital. 

> #locallyled: Plenty of organizations work with artisans and with women. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, we prefer to partner with and build the capacity of grassroots organizations that know what works. 

> #shoplocalimpactglobal: We are in it together as global citizens and sisters. By also partnering with local artisans here in the States, we provide a way to make a difference both locally and globally. 



    > We now partner with 50+ organizations working worldwide.

    > Roughly $7 of every $10 you spend (70%) on products made by our global partners (those located outside of the US) is returned to the organization and artisans. 

    > We prioritize organizations that work with women in their own country and have little or no access to U.S. markets. Since June 2014, we've facilitated over $200,000 in income and program support (additional skills and business training along with microfinance) to female artisans.

    > Artisans are paid at or above fair wage standards. Our partners report a 200-300% increase in women's daily income. In addition, they receive access to valuable business and life skills programs, and in some cases, access to capital. 



    > We've launched our Artisans Thrive Training Program to help groups of artisans form a cooperative and design and launch a demand-driven, fashion-forward product while also learning valuable business and other life skills. We're now working with three groups-one in Cameroon and two in Guatemala on this exciting new initiative! Learn more here or contact us for more info.    



     > If you too believe in elevating the status of women worldwide; the power of the artisan economy; and that your purchase can and should make an impact, we want to hear from you. Contact us