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BelJoy is based in Haiti, which is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. 80% of its citizens live below the poverty threshold and jobs are few and far between. Despite the challenges, the people of Haiti are full of joy and full of hope. 

Beljoy offers women in Haiti the opportunity to earn a dignified and consistent wage through the art of jewelry making. By teaching this trade and paying a superior wage, they hope to encourage women and empower them to provide for their families.

Beljoy creates jobs and works with the Haitian people to develop their skills in a way that is dignified, significant, and profitable to the artisans. They also look for opportunities to support the communities  our artisans belong to through education, medical needs, microloans, and more. With a heartbeat for families, their hope is to see the people of Haiti flourish. Beljoy is so much more than jewelry; it is a movement that is restoring dignity and inspiring change.


Beljoy teamed up with WPMarket in 2017 to sell fashion-forward products and provide women with the wrap-around support they need.

Sales provide women fair and reliable wages so they can better provide for their families.



Haitian women are able to access more avenues for income, professional development, and skill training so they can improve their lives and achieve their goals.

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