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Bolder Bracelets | Boulder


Bolder Bracelets, from Boulder, CO, is a new way of expressing yourself and your beliefs in a piece of jewelry. Their mission is to create inspirational words on a stackable bracelet in various metals made in the USA. They designed this organic bracelet to ‘wear what you say’ and each purchase helps to expand the reach of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund.

Bolder Bracelets has created these inspiring bracelets with a goal of furthering the mission of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund. WGEF is based in Uganda and aims to reach under-served women through economic, social and political programs. They create opportunities while addressing inequality, strengthening families and communities. 


With the purchase of each bracelet, WPMarket and Bolder Bracelets make a donation to WGEF to enable them to continue fighting for social justice, increased human security and women’s empowerment. 


Through grassroots strategies, marginalized women are given the tools necessary to alleviate poverty and inequality thus facilitating sustainable development and empowerment. In partnership with Bolder Bracelets, women in northern Uganda are provided with opportunities to rebuild their communities, recover their lives and create a brighter future for the families.

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