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Bosnia Handicrafts (BHcrafts) is an enterprise which unites creative humanitarian business and personal development elements in a balanced and successful manner. BHcrafts produces handmade clothing and decorative items by employing women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lejla Radoncic started this project in 1995 as the director of a refugee center built by The Norwegian People's Aid after the highly destructive war in Bosnia. It began as a humanitarian enterprise, and today has developed into a successful export-oriented business which is still growing. BHcrafts promotes the cultural heritage of Bosnia while using its traditions to develop products appealing to the modern market.

BHcrafts employs women who are often former refugees or victims of war, providing them with opportunities to improve the lives of them and their families. By building new skills, stimulating the local economy, and overcoming their past trauma, the artisans of BHcrafts are enabled to control their own futures.


BHcrafts teamed up with WPMarket in 2017 to design fashion-forward products and provide women with the wrap-around support they need.

Sales support employment and skill training for women affected by the war.


Bosnian women are among the greatest victims of any war, thousands having lost their husbands, their families, and their homes- leaving them to raise their surviving children any way they could. Relevant research has proven that the best way to confront this trauma is to give the women the skills and opportunity to move forward. BHcrafts has given more than 500 women of all ethnicities the chance to put the past behind them and to work for a better future.

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