Casa Rosa | Guatemala


Casa Rosa was established in 2017 after the completion of the Artisans Thrive Training Program. During the 3-month training program the artisans developed and improved upon their sewing skills, learned integral business skills and through creative processes designed their first product in their product line.  

The name, Casa Rosa, represents the cooperative's newly remodeled work space, which they chose to paint bright pink. 


Your purchase provides a continued source of income, value and workload for the artisans of Casa Rosa. For many of the artisans the income generated from their work with Casa Rosa is the only income they personally generate for their family. 


For the women of Casa Rosa, this is the first program of it's kind in their community. The income they generate from their work is providing access basic needs for their families including food, school fees and medical services. 

This program has also provided these women with a belief in their abilities, their ideas and ownership in something fulfilling and challenging. Our women have said that this program has given them the confidence that if they set a goal they will achieve it. For a community where women are seen primarily as the housekeepers this belief in themselves and their desire to dream bigger will hugely impact their families and their community. 


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