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Cladesa | Cameroon


Classic Designer’s Association (ClaDesA) became an established cooperative following the completion of the Artisans Thrive Training Program in Buea, Cameroon in May 2018.

Through the partnership of United Action for Children and Artisans Thrive, the program was able to bring together many female artisans in the area of Buea, Cameroon to participate in the training program. Many women who participated were experienced business owners, and this training was their first time working alongside many of their fellow artisans and seamstresses in the area. Joining forces, the women quickly learned that they would be able to create more, learn from one another and be able to send their products internationally for the first time. Their hope and vision is to create fashion forward products for clients in their own community and abroad.



Your purchase supports an increase from their regular income, allowing many of them to afford school fees, pay for additional groceries and home items. Additionally, they will continue the process of learning, as they bring in additional artisans and designers from the community to work with. This cooperative has allowed a new fellowship and opportunity for the women to connect and dream of a future together.



By participating in the training program, this has opened up a new opportunity for the women to gain confidence in their work and their future. The Classic Designers Association of Cameroon will continue to meet and grow. Their plan is to continue to learn, design and create new products, as well as use their income to continue meeting and provide a community where others who want to learn can be a part of. The women are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others in the community, providing independent income for their families and continuing to prosper as business owners and entrepreneurs.


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