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In Guatemala, especially around Lake Atitlan, the market is saturated by handmade goods which drives down the prices and makes production unprofitable. Estrellas Artesanas and their partnership with Women’s Partnership Market provides the artisans with new and expanded audiences for their crafts, giving a steady income to these families in the Santiago Atitlán area that are committed to sending their daughters to school.

Through local leadership, responsive innovation, and an unparalleled commitment to unlocking full and true female potential, Starfish works to empower a new generation of thoughtful pioneers who lead self-determined lives and inspire others to do the same. Mayra Reanda is an 18-year-old graduate of the Starfish program. Using the skills and knowledge she acquired during her time with Starfish, she founded Estrellas Artesanas in 2014. The crafts provided by Women’s Partnership Market are handmade by the women of Estrellas Artesanas and the reinvestment amount goes to support Starfish's work to maximize all aspects of female potential, fostering equality and opportunity for young women in Guatemala.


The mother/daughter artisan teams that Estrellas Artesanas works with come from rural, indigenous villages. On average, the mothers have had less than 2 years of formal education and began having children before they were 18. Their daughters are currently attending school and are enrolled in the Starfish program.

By bringing their products to the international marketplace, WPMarket and Mayra are able to be sure that all the Estrellas Artesanas artisans have a more consistent form of income and are being paid a fair wage for their work.

The reinvestment proceeds will go to support Starfish in increasing their support for education and mentorship programming.


With the fair wage they’re being paid, and the consistency of the orders we’re placing, the mothers Estrellas Artesanas works with are able to feed their families, make improvements to their homes, and cover the costs of their children’s studies. For the girls in the Starfish program, they have increased access to valuable education and leadership opportunities, helping to break the cycle of poverty.

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