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Generate for Generations (GfG) was founded by a Uganda woman named Lillian Aero Olok in 2009 who recognized the need for an income-generation project for vulnerable Ugandan women, particularly widows and young mothers who have dropped out of school.

GfG works to empower single mothers, widows, and teenage mothers to become economically independent so as to contribute positively to their families and communities.

GfG began partnering with Circle of Hands Uganda in 2010. Circle of Hands sole mission is to create sustainable income for GfG by selling their handcrafted goods in the U.S.. Lillian was a graduate of a high school leadership program written by Educate!, a U.S. based non-profit. CoH Founder Linda Schutter, an Educate! supporter, was inspired by Lillian's tenacity and vision for social change. She reached out to Lillian to propose joining forces to support the services and training GfG provides.


For every $10 you spend on GfG's products, $7 supports their programming for training vulnerable women in Uganda.

The women part of the GfG program receive counseling, entrepreneurship training, and access to health programs on HIV/AIDS, sanitation and nutrition among other topics.


With the support of GfG, women have been able to start up their own businesses, pay to send their children to school, and afford three meals a day for themselves and their families. Moreover, they feel empowered and less dependent on relatives to care for them and their children.

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