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Her Own Two Feet & Marshall Direct Fund | Pakistan



Marshall Direct Fund invests in education and women’s economic empowerment for a more peaceful world. 

Marshall Direct Fund provides full educational scholarships for impoverished women and children in Pakistan.  Both primary education and vocational/business training education are offered serving over 1,000 people each year.  Marshall Direct Fund also runs Global Kid Connect, a virtual exchange program that brings youth in Pakistan together with youth in the United States.  

The women in Pakistan that make Her Own Two Feet sandals have been provided training and support through the Marshall Direct Fund. 


Your purchase goes to support these women in earning an income that will go to support their families and provide education for their children. The reinvestment proceeds will go directly to the Marshall Direct Fund to provide business skills trainings and educational scholarships.


Girls are the most underserved group in Pakistan in terms of opportunities for education therefore the Marshall Direct Fund goes to provide opportunities for girls to go to school. Over 1,000 women each year are provided business skills training to help them to improve business planning, communication/negotiation skills, and financial literacy. The increased incomes they earn as a result enables them to provide better nutrition, education and healthcare to their families.

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