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International Peace Initiatives | Kenya



IPI was started by Kenya's Dr. Karambu Ringera when she first met a group of women living with HIV/AIDS in 2002. The women were meeting at her mother's home and they all were struggling to support themselves and their children. They asked her whether she could assist them in sending the HIV/AIDS orphans to school and also if she could help the women living with HIV/AIDS to get medication. Today, IPI is a global network of individuals and organizations seeking innovative and alternative means of overcoming the devastation of disease, conflict, and poverty. 

One of its main programs, IPI started the Bettering Our Lives by Design (BOLD) program after realizing that many women who are widows and/or living with HIV/AIDS are disproportionately living in poverty while also carrying a large burden of raising their children alone. These women need money to pay for school fees and related school materials for their children. With this in mind, IPI secured funding to start the BOLD program in order to help community women get skills so that they can fend for themselves instead of relying on their absentee husbands. The women were also first trained on their human rights as enshrined in Convention on The Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.



IPI seeks to promote cultures of peace through its support of sustainable peace, development, and health initiatives in order to improve livelihoods and enhance quality of life.

IPI offers a number of programs to give marginalized groups including orphans, women living with HIV/AIDS, and survivors of violence the tools and resources to move from violence, poverty, and crisis to stability and self-reliance, thereby building resilient communities. IPI accomplishes these initiatives through grassroots capacity building, community based research, and sharing information on successful practices in HIV/AIDS management, peacebuilding, and economic empowerment programs. 



Your purchase provides income to women in IPI’s Bettering Our Lives by Design (BOLD) program so that can provide for themselves and send their children to school. Additionally, your purchase supports the continuation and expansion of this vital training program. 



The majority of the women in the BOLD program are widows and/or are living with HIV/AIDS, violence, and poverty. They have been abandoned by their husbands and other family members, and as a result, they are the sole earners for their families. Participation in the BOLD program allows them to not only earn a fair wage to support themselves and their children, but also provides them the vital skills and resources to raise their quality of life. Learn more.

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