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Mujeres Con Vision | Guatemala


Mujeres con Vision became an established cooperative, following the completion of the Artisans Thrive Training Program in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 2017.

Throughout the course of the training, the group learned the process of designing products and bringing them to market, as well as learning the business skills necessary to running a cooperative, advanced life skills and how to sew. The vision of the women for themselves, their community, family and country all inspired the name, Mujeres con Vision.



Your purchase supports an independent source of income for the handcrafted, original design completed by the Mujeres con Vision. For many of the women in the cooperative, this is the first time they have ever had their own job and earned an income. It has a substantial impact on their outlook for the future.



The women in Mujeres con Vision come from a community prone to extreme poverty, and face being stigmatized against when searching for any jobs. For the majority of the women, this is the first time they have ever had employment. The women report that the income generated from their work is providing assistance to help pay for school fees, afford food, pay off debt and help support other family members.

For many women, they never dreamed of being part of the cooperative, and having a way to share their ideas, create and design products and invest in themselves has been life changing. Mujeres con Vision believe in the vision that they have for the future and are working hard to accomplish each goal.


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