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She Thrives

​What is a She Thrives Event? 


She Thrives is an opportunity to connect women to quality made, one of a kind fair trade items from the comfort of your home.

By hosting an event, attendees are able to shop, learn more about our mission as well as the work we’ve accomplished through our Artisans Thrive Training Programs.

Invite friends to join for an inspiring and fun evening that causes a ripple effect.



Why Host?

Hosting a She Thrives event is an opportunity to make a global impact by empowering women around the world!

You’ll be able to provide meaningful income to our female artisans, as 70% of all sales goes directly back to the women! With no upfront cost, you will be able to make a difference in the lives of many women from the comfort of your own home! 

By inviting your friends to join, you will receive any free item up to $35 in value and the potential to earn a percentage of sales*, and your friends will love their handcrafted, fashion-forward products while they learn more about the women’s stories behind the products!

Partnering with our team, we’ll walk you through the process and make it an engaging, educational event!

  *Example: Earn a free product just by hosting! Once you hit $300 from the event and online orders (using your unique code for up to two weeks after your event), you’ll also earn 10% of sales!  (So, if your friends purchase $500 worth of product, you receive a free product AND $50).


Interested in Hosting? 

Get in touch here or email us at info@wpmarket.org!