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Sutisana | Bolivia


Word Made Flesh Bolivia is the parent organization of Sutisana and was founded in 2001 by Andy and Andrea Baker. SutiSana was founded in 2010 by Cara Strauss Contreras. 

Sutisana works with women (and occasionally men) who are survivors of prostitution and their children. The program promotes a holistic transformation and abundant life for survivors, including their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The goal is women who are independent, healed, and whole.



Word Made Flesh Bolivia offers various programs for survivors of prostitution and their children. The women’s program includes a goal-based rehabilitation
program, including vocational training, bible study, a group savings program, individual and group therapy, and other workshops and classes.

The children’s program is Montessori-style combination of after-school homework assistance, games and other diversions, and an abuse prevention program that
includes individual therapy.

SutiSana also offers continued education workshops (mostly in sewing and other vocational endeavors) as well as medical insurance and a retirement plan.


With the women that have participated, Sutisana has seen a number of benefits. This includes financial stability increase--debt reduction and total payment, budget and savings implementation, down payment made on houses and permanent residences; physical bodies cared for and healed, epilepsy and diabetes finally medicated, long-awaited surgeries performed successfully; childhood emotional wounds from various types of abuse confronted, conquered, and healed; spiritual relationships healed and grown; supportive community formed, friendships formed and deepened, group support during crisis. 

The program has also seen a much quicker and transformative impact in the participants' children, who show incredible leaps in school performance, sense of self, and ability to articulate their emotions and environment.


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