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Weaving For Empowerment | Nepal


Weaving for Empowerment (WfE) is an initiative started by The Small World, a locally-run NGO in Nepal. The Small World seeks to empower local communities through locally driven sustainable community development works; provide children and specially at risk young girls with an access to education; and, to empower women specially those who are single or widowed with children.

Among its programs, it runs a Women's Empowerment Program that provides livelihood skills training and jobs for young women, many of whom who have come to Kathmandu from rural communities. For those that are interested, they also help the women setup their own businesses. 


WfE teamed up with WPMarket in 2017 to design fun, new products and introduce their products to a larger market.

Your purchase directly results in more training and income for women, many of whom are supporting their families.


As a result of the program, the women now have a job and income. They are now independent and are now able to support their children, further education, and a few are even supporting their their siblings and parents. Once they have the skills and confidence, they are also starting their own businesses. 

From Program Director Sonam, "Even though our women produce beautiful fabrics, it was not easy to find market for the products. without being able to sell the products we can not really support them. So this partnership with WPmarket is giving a hope that we can actually take the products in wider market. Also with further training from WPmarket about business
ideas will be very helpful!"

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