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Women in Leadership | Uganda


Women In Leadership (WIL Uganda) seeks to empower women and girls with the knowledge and skills to become leaders in their own communities. WIL Uganda was founded in June 2014 by Cianne Jones, a family lawyer and gender equality advocate. It offers a number of community and "in school" programs focused on serving women and girls between the ages 13-65 from rural villages in the Busoga region of Eastern Uganda who have been traditionally dependent on subsistence agriculture.


WIL Uganda teamed up with WPMarket in 2017 to design fashion-forward products and provide women with the wrap-around support they need.

For every $10 you spend on products made by WIL, $7 supports their programming for girls' and women's training in Uganda. 



The crafts program teaches the women and girls skills that they are able to use for further craft business opportunities. By selling their crafts, the women their own income helping them to sustain themselves and their families.

“The money I earned with the crafts made me able to send my youngest daughter to school.” - Apio Angela, 38, Bukonte, Uganda

The women in the program also have an opportunity to participate in other programs of WIL including the Rights & Advocacy and Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights program; Leadership, Career Guidance, and Business Skills programs; and Literacy programs. 

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