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Yobel Market | Pakistan



Yobel Market is a fair trade boutique located in Colorado Springs, CO. They work to empower and promote the value of exploited, displaced or impoverished people groups of the world through the development of sustainable economic opportunities and fostering education.

Yobel is committed to educating consumers locally within the Western world about the power of purchases in the role of promoting freedom and dignity globally.  



When you spend $10 in Yobel products, WPMarket invests $7 to support their skills training for women in Pakistan. 

Yobel offers women in Pakistan, among a number of countries, access to a whole suite of support for the development and execution of their products. This includes: business training, product design and quality control, product development, savings, mentoring, and occasional start-up grants.



Yobel Market works with women that are marginalized or in vulnerable populations and are below the poverty line. By supporting these women to develop and execute the crafts that they offer to their local community and US consumers, they are helping to reduce the risk and vulnerability women and their families experience due to abject poverty and lack of dignified labor opportunities. In doing so, they help to improve the confidence, perceived self-worth and status within their communities.

Your purchase goes to help women expand their business, plan for their futures, add to their savings and pursue higher education. The additional donations will enable Yobel to train more female entrepreneurs in the developing world. Learn more.

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