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Esther Cuff Bracelet

Haiti's Jewels

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Why you'll love it: This aluminum cuff bracelet is a fun accent piece for any outfit.

How it's made: Recycled aluminum cans are melted down into a liquid that’s poured into a sand mold. The sand leaves a rough finish on the aluminum, so the artisans spend hours sanding and shaping the cuff to give it the polished finish.

Made for you by: A group of aluminum artisans who have received training and microloans from Haiti's Jewels. Several young mothers work in the group of aluminum artisans, doing highly skilled detail work like sanding, shaping, and stamping. They are respected and empowered in the workplace and use their income to increase the quality of life of their family.

Your purchase supports: Skills training and microloans for women in Haiti. 

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