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Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee

Cafe Feminino

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Why you'll love it: Start your morning off with a cup of joe that empowers women farmers! Coffee also makes a great gift for any occasion. 

How it's made: 12oz bag of whole beans. 

Guatemala:  FLAVOR NOTES: Sweet, deep chocolate, citrus ORIGIN: Huehuetenango and Sololá, Guatemala ROAST LEVEL: Medium-Dark

Peru:  FLAVOR NOTES: Brown sugar, cocoa nibs, peppery tang ORIGIN: CECANOR Co-op, Lambayeque, Peru ROAST LEVEL: Light-medium

Sumatra: FLAVOR NOTES: Rich body, deep chocolate, black cherry ORIGIN: Kokowagayo Co-op, Gayo Highlands, Sumatra ROAST LEVEL: Dark

Mexico: FLAVOR NOTES: Sweet, full-bodied, citrus fruit ORIGIN: CESMACH Co-op, Chiapas, Mexico ROAST LEVEL: Medium

 Made for you by: Female farmers part of Cafe Feminino. 

Your purchase supports: Fair wages, skills training and leadership opportunities for female farmers. 

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